NeoNerve Media Solutions


NeoNerve was the successor to KeNETeK Designs and was born due to confusion of the spelling of KeNETeK when used in verbal communications such as on the radio or at conferences. Like KeNETeK, NeoNerve was ran as a partnership; my role in the partnership was designing, developing and maintaining websites throughout their life-cycle. Where possible we worked closely with the client delivering incremental builds of their website to ensure that all the requirements were met and a stable product was delivered at the end of the build.

NeoNerve was ran in my spare time between college and (later on) university. In the summer of 2002 we were approached by Staffordshire University and asked to speak about our experiences of being young entrepreneurs and giving out advice on how to get into web development.

My NeoNerve Media Solutions Portfolio

Here's a preview of some of my work for NeoNerve Media Solutions over the years. It's been organised in date order with the newest first.


An image of The Oak Shed

The Oak Shed

An image of Bostel Telecommunications

Bostel Telecommunications

An image of Moorland Access Centre

Moorland Access Centre

An image of NeoNerve (v3)

NeoNerve (v3)


An image of Community Council of Lincolnshire

Community Council of Lincolnshire


An image of Siren FM

Siren FM

An image of Bullet Magazine

Bullet Magazine


An image of Puddleducks Day Nurseries

Puddleducks Day Nurseries

An image of Reid Freight

Reid Freight

An image of NeoNerve (v2)

NeoNerve (v2)


An image of Superstar DJ

Superstar DJ

An image of Staffordshire Web

Staffordshire Web


An image of NeoNerve (v1)

NeoNerve (v1)

An image of TML Floridays

TML Floridays