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Realex Test Card Details

As a follow up to my hit article regarding Sagepay Test Cards. Please find my latest and greatest article which provides test credit card and test debit cards for the Realex and GlobalIris Payment Gateways.

426397000000526200 - Successful
4000120000001154101 - Declined
4000130000001724102 - Referral B
4000160000004147103 - Referral A
4009830000001985200 - Comms Error
542523000000441500 - Successful
5114610000004778101 - Declined
5114630000009791102 - Referral B
5121220000006921103 - Referral A
5135020000005871200 - Comms Error
American Express
37410100000060800 - Successful
3754 2500 0003101 - Declined
375425000000907102 - Referral B
343452000000306103 - Referral A
372349000000852200 - Comms Error
3D Secure
4012001038443335Cardholder Not Enrolled ECI 6 **
4012001038488884Unable to Verify Enrolment ECI 7 **
4012001036298889Invalid response from Enrolment Server ECI 7 **
4012001036853337Enrolled but invalid response from ACS ECI 7 **
4012001037141112Successful Authentication ECI 5 **
4012001037167778Authentication Attempt Acknowledged ECI 6 **
4012001037461114Incorrect Password entered ECI 7 **
4012001037484447Authentication Unavailable ECI 7 **
4012001037490006Invalid Response from ACS

Points to note:

Only VISA cards can be used for 3D Secure testing. These don't require passphrases - the test system will automatically fill in the passphrase and all the necessary information. It will then ask you to press a button to continue.

* Refers to whether the particular 3D Secure Scenario offers the merchant additional protection in the event of chargeback. Merchants should always check with their acquiring bank regarding their own rules around 3D Secure and chargebacks. By default, the Hosted Payment Page is configured to block any transactions that do not afford the merchant a shift in liability. If you are using the API integration, you will need to handle this process flow. Please see the Realex Payments developer guides for more information.

** The E-commerce Indicator, for more information, please see the Realex Payments developer guides. In some scenarios, for example scenario 01, the ECI is not returned directly by Realex Payments, however, the appropriate ECI value must be submitted in the subsequent authorisation request in order for the transaction to be considered 3D Secure. Please see the Realex Payments developer guides for more information.

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It's cold outside (again)... - Red Dwarf Series 11 AND 12

It's a little under 4 years since I last blogged about the new series of Red Dwarf - Red Dwarf X as it was known. Well... 4 years on I'm writing again about not one, but two new series' of Red Dwarf.

At Dimension Jump XVIII - the annual Red Dwarf geek meet - Doug Naylor the brains behind Red Dwarf (or half the brain) announced it.

So.. what do we know so far? Well Craig Charles has ditched Corrie completely to hang around with his space pals, shooting will be back to back with filming expected to start late October / early November. Each series will be 6 episodes long and they will be filmed with a live audience (so I'm hoping to get some tickets and will be sure to write about my experience here If i do!)

Broadcast dates are 2016, 2017 at the moment.. but subject to change!

Now.. all together... "It's cold outside... theres no kind of..."

PS. To any RD crew reading this - please make sure Ray Peacock does the audience entertainment and not that guy from Torchwood!

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Sagepay Test Card Details

One of the things I always find I need when I'm developing websites that integrate with the SagePay payment gateway is test card numbers. It might just be me; but they used to be really easy to find (when SagePay was operated by Protx). Since SagePay came into town - the illusive test cards have been buried somewhere...

So, here they are - probably more for my benefit than anyone elses.

Visa (VISA)

MasterCard (MC)

Visa Debit / Delta (DELTA)

Solo (SOLO)
Issue 1

UK Maestro / International Maestro (MAESTRO)
Issue 01

American Express (AMEX)

Visa Electron (UKE)

In test mode - to simulate a successful payment the first line of the address must be '88' and the postcode '412'.

If 3D Secure is enabled on your account - you'll need to enter 'password' (no quotes) to simulate a pass, anything else will simulate a fail.

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New Site Live!

Would you believe it... after a whole 7 years I've finally launched a new site. So whats changed? Well, sadly, Content Injector has now been retired - you can still download it, but there's no longer any support being offered, maybe one day we'll see another version but until that day... its goodbye.

However, the site is now all about me, myself and I and is more geared towards my career as a web developer - so why not take a look at my portfolio, take a look at some information about me and when you're done.. why don't you contact me to tell me that you want to discuss me developing your next website?

As always, feedback is appreciated - I look forward to hearing from you.

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Black Friday Comes To the UK (Again)

"Black Friday; the day that follows thanksgiving and traditionally marks the start of the Xmas Shopping season."

If you're American - you probably already knew that, and you probably knew that on this day the stores go crazy slashing prices to tempt consumers in. Here in Britain however its a more sobre affair and would pass by as just another Friday. That is.. until Amazon brought it over to us last year!

I remember the buzz in the office... everyone sitting there.. waiting for the a Wii to be released at £50... and then I remember the disappointment when no one actually got it in their cart.

Anyway - this year - Amazon are bringing it to our shores again - from the 21st to the 25th of November Amazon are going to go crazy slashing prices (for one day only) for the festive season!

Last year my haul included a Corination Street Box Set... and erm... that was it (not for lack of trying).

I'll keep you posted on what I don't get this year :(

Keep an eye out... - Amazon UK.

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It's Cold Outside, There's no Kind of Atmosphere [Updated]

A proper Red Dwarf series last graced our airwaves in the Spring of 1999. It would then go on to be another 10 years until we got to see Lister, Rimmer, Kyrten and Cat when the popular UK Freeview channel Dave would bring it back for a 3-part mini-series.

This instalment was well-received (if you discount the die-hard fans who won't touch anything past the Grant-Naylor era; that is...) and became one of the most watched Freeview programmes of all-time; earning 4-million viewers for 'Part One'. Shortly after it was rumoured that Dave were going to commission a further series.

Throughout 2011 various members of the cast (Notably Craig Charles and Chris Barrie) let out small bits of information about the next series of Red Dwarf; and it was finally comfirmed via UKTV (Dave) on 10th April that the new series would be coming.

On November the 11th it was posted on The Official Red Dwarf Website that Series 10 (stylized as Series X) was to begin filming in December this year and January 2012 and that it would be filmed in-front of a live audience!

And guess who's applied for tickets to see it broadcast live? *big grin*

It will be interesting to see how much of the plot leaks out onto the net over the coming months.

Lucky me! 4 tickets for the 13th January Showing!

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