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It's cold outside (again)... - Red Dwarf Series 11 AND 12

It's a little under 4 years since I last blogged about the new series of Red Dwarf - Red Dwarf X as it was known. Well... 4 years on I'm writing again about not one, but two new series' of Red Dwarf.

At Dimension Jump XVIII - the annual Red Dwarf geek meet - Doug Naylor the brains behind Red Dwarf (or half the brain) announced it.

So.. what do we know so far? Well Craig Charles has ditched Corrie completely to hang around with his space pals, shooting will be back to back with filming expected to start late October / early November. Each series will be 6 episodes long and they will be filmed with a live audience (so I'm hoping to get some tickets and will be sure to write about my experience here If i do!)

Broadcast dates are 2016, 2017 at the moment.. but subject to change!

Now.. all together... "It's cold outside... theres no kind of..."

PS. To any RD crew reading this - please make sure Ray Peacock does the audience entertainment and not that guy from Torchwood!

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